Jun 10th Server Merge Notification

Time: 2019-06-10 03:37

[Maintenance Servers]




Thank you for your support for Pokemon Mega! In order to provide more stable service, we will conduct server maintenance at 5:00-6:30 on Jun 10th. 

1. Game Entrance

(1)Entrance: After the different servers merge, all original servers’ entrance will be kept and the data from different servers are interconnected . Captains can enter the game the same way.

(2)Basic Data: The basic data for each character will not change. For example: if you have 1 character on S1 and 1 on S2, and your S1 character already topped up, after server merge, this still remains the same.


2. Deleting Data

Any character that matches all 3 of the following requirements will be deleted after server merging:

(1)Character Lv30 or below

(2)Did not login the game for more than 7 days

(3)Do not have any Top-up record


3. Same character and Pirates name

(1)If 2 characters have the same name after server merge, then server number will be added to the character’s name.

(2)If 2 Pirates have the same name after server merge, then server number will be added to the Pirates’ name.

4. Event Data

(1)Arena: The Arena records for all servers affected by the merge will be deleted. Captains need to start over to fight for the top rankings.

(2)Rankings: Rankings info will reset according to all captains’ current BP.



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