Naruto H5 Strategy

Time: 2018-12-12 21:48

When players first login to the game, follow the novice guide to quickly level up and learn the basics of the game. Player should try to get to Lv16 quickly so can activate the Raid function and quickly obtain Gear Recipes and Gems. Enhancing and advancing gear is the quickest way to increase BR in the beginning stages. Don’t worry about obtaining too much gear recipes and not able to use them. You can go to Bag and tap on Advance Mats, then sell the useless recipes here to exchange for Sage Crystals. The Sage Crystals are used to exchange for higher quality gear recipes and gems at the Sage Region’s SS Shop.


When players have enough Gold, the first recommended purchase is the Carefree Plan, which allows you to Auto Upgrade your gears, ninjas, etc., and Auto Treasure Hunt to quickly collect enough treasure shards.  Players should also consider 1st Top-up and Top-up to VIP 2. 1st Top-up gives great rewards and Orange Ninja. Reaching VIP 2 means you can buy the Exclusive Plan. It gives you extra chances in Server BOSS, Daily Dungeons, Elite Dungeons, etc.; you can quickly level up and obtain the items you need.


If players want to summon Ninja, recommend player to wait until you have at least 2800 Ryo to summon 10x and obtain 12 Ninjas, for high chances to obtain Purple and Orange Ninja. Players can recycle the useless ninjas and ninja shards to obtain Souls; Auto Add only adds blue and green ninjas so tap on the plus sign to add in other ninjas and shards. Then player can use Souls to purchase Ninja Shards, valuable items, and even complete Orange Ninja in the Ninja Shop. If you obtained an Orange Ninja and wants to replace a Purple Ninja, you can swap directly. All the gears and treasures’ levels and related awakening/imbuing will be kept. You can place the Purple Ninja in the Ninja Reborn function to obtain shards, soldier pills, and other related mats back which you can use to upgrade your Purple Ninja. But the Ninja Reborn function costs 50 Ryo.


If you see a little red dot on the upper right-hand corner of the ninja avatar, that means your ninja can upgrade or advance. You can tap on the ninja directly to go to the Ninja Information interface and choose to upgrade, advance or level up Deva Path there.


After player’s Arena function is activated, player can challenge Arena as many times as possible. If you increase your ranks quickly, you’ll be able to obtain Ryo and Honors and use the Honors to exchange for items and Ninja Shards.


After player’s Treasure function is activated, player can quickly upgrade treasure by collecting shards. Remember to check your bags regularly to see if you obtained shards chest and use them. You need purple and orange treasure shards before you can hunt for them. When you have EXP treasures or extra blue and purple treasures, you can upgrade the treasures by tapping on the + sign in the Treasure Upgrade interface. Purple or above treasures require you to confirm again before it can be used to upgrade.


At around Lv25-28, there will be a ball at the lower right hand corner which stores EXP. Click on the ball to level up quickly. You can also spend Ryo to buy EXP.


When player reaches Lv40, the Treasure Imbuing function will be activated. If you have enough Imbuing Stones and Silver, you can imbue by 1 level. Starting from R2, you need another treasure of the exact same type to imbue. After you imbue a treasure, if you don’t want to use it anymore, you must use Recycle first to obtain the treasure and imbuing materials back, before you can use the treasure to upgrade. The Recycle Treasure function costs 50 Ryo.


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